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About Kelly F. Holland

The Early Life...

Kelly F. Holland was born in Kansas City, Kansas in 1962. Her mother suffered from schizophrenia and her father abandoned the family during Kelly’s first year of life. The highlight of her childhood was performing musically with her siblings. Music was her playground! Her mother’s mental illness had no place when music filled the air. When Kelly was 12, her family’s musical performance abruptly ended when their grandfather, who served as their performance manager, was suddenly and tragically killed.

The sudden loss of her grandfather was a major turning point in her life and for her family. Following his passing, Kelly’s mother suddenly vanished one day while she was at school. It wasn’t until 4 years later that her mother’s whereabouts were known. At age 14, Kelly became a ward of the court and lived in Pilot House, a state group home for teenage girls, until she turned eighteen.

While at Pilot House, Kelly thrived. The stability, structure and love of the group home allowed her to discover the talents that lived within her. She was able to make straight A’s her senior year in high school and was chosen “ outstanding summer youth worker” the summer following graduation.  Her success culminated in her receiving thousands of dollars in grant money to attend college at Kansas University.

Challenge & Perseverance...

Since childhood, Kelly has lived with ADHD. For many years, she struggled to succeed in school and at home; there was much that challenged her. And, like so many, Kelly turned to drugs to find relief. At college, her struggles were significant. Her ability to focus was greatly affected by the freedom in lifestyle and availability of drugs. She was overwhelmed. At the conclusion of her first semester, she was placed on academic probation, and by the end of her third year, she withdrew from college. It wasn’t until years later and much professional guidance and counseling and academic accommodations for her ADHD, was Kelly able to return to school and successfully complete her college education.

In 1989, at age 26, Kelly met Denise, a PH.D, licensed psychologist whom she has now worked with for greater than 25 years. Kelly considers her relationship with Denise her life’s Primary Gift and believes that her work with Denise is the reason that she has ‘awakened to the excellence of her life’s journey’. With Denise, Kelly regained her life’s stability and developed a deeply loving, respectful and supportive relationship for herself and with her mother. She also gained an understanding of her mother’s schizophrenia that goes beyond what most can comprehend. Kelly’s book is dedicated to Denise and to her mother.



In 2004, Kelly relocated to Arizona, and it was there that she began to hear her heart’s songs and discover her life’s dreams. Since moving to Arizona, Kelly has hosted her own radio show and has served as director of physical therapy. Today, Kelly works as an outpatient physical therapist in Chandler, Arizona, and specializes in mechanical diagnosis and therapy.

Kelly serves as a positive role model for what is possible in life. Her book calls forward a responsibility in each of us to create our best life from within by utilizing our life’s most powerful tool, our ability to think positively. Her hope and prayer for her book is to inspire others to know that no matter where you start in life, no matter what your circumstances may be, a life that you can dream, you can live fully. The key is to allow appreciation to fill your heart for all that you have lived, so love and joy and your inner genius can, powerfully, guide your life.