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The Power of the Dream

Ann Boland

On March 29, 1999, I attended a concert in my hometown of Kansas City and realized that one more teacher had entered my life. This teacher was different. She was a teacher from a distance, yet her impact on my life was profound. A dear friend invited me to see Celine Dion in concert. I had heard of Celine’s music, but I had never seen her perform live.

The show was sold out, and there was electricity in the air. It wasn’t five minutes into the start of the show when I realized that my life had changed. For the first time, I felt the heart of a champion. I heard the voice of a God-given talent like no other. I knew that I was experiencing the ‘Michael Jordon’ of music and witnessing a work ethic that defines excellence.

What speaks loudest to me is the person behind the music. Celine’s determination to be her best without exception and her ability to bring out the best in others defines her excellence. And, although she is one of the most successful singers in the world, she remains humble and appreciates her audiences for giving her the opportunity to perform. Celine sets an example of what is possible when love and appreciation guide your life.

I left the concert that night feeling ‘on fire’ for who I wanted to become. I was inspired to raise my level of existence to world- class excellence. Internally, I had changed. I had passion in my heart. The energy in which Celine performed her show now lived within me. I could feel my power like never before. I felt electric. I was truly energized for what was possible to create in my life. Suddenly, it seemed, I felt excitement for my future.

Through Celine, the universe was showing me a side to life that I had never experienced before ~the power to become my best self. Since that first concert, I have seen Celine perform many times. Each time I walk away a better person, inspired to become my best, and inspired to talk with the world about what is possible to create in your life when you have passion in your heart and you believe in your dreams.

Today I stand inspired to share my message of inspiration and excellence that has become my own. I stand inspired to ignite the spirit of the world through my passion and to demonstrate that no matter where you may start in life emotionally, mentally, in health, or financially, all life dreams are possible when you believe. Belief is where all dreams begin. To have a dream is where life begins. It is a call from the heart, the spirit to connect the greatest source of man with the greater source, the universe. It is your inner genius leading the way, guiding you to align with your truest self!

To believe in your dreams is to allow the journey to unfold, to allow the universe to tend to your dreams. The journey takes center stage. It is how you evolve, and it gives your life meaning. It is how appreciation finds your heart. To want something and then to receive it is to feel great joy in life, which allows your heart to sing with beautiful music. To want something and then to receive it is to discover the powerful person who lives within you, a true gift within your dreams. To allow your journey to unfold is to communicate trust in the universe that your dreams have been heard. It is trusting in your ability to receive. This is the art of allowing according to the teachings of Abraham and Esther and Jerry Hicks.

When you have a dream that lives within in your heart, it becomes a part of who you are. It goes everywhere with you~in your feelings, your thoughts, your decisions, and your actions. When you tend to it everyday, through your focused love and energy, it becomes your guiding light. It leads your way. It is what gets you out of bed in the morning and lifts your spirits when you have difficult day. It is what fills your heart with hope. If you didn’t dream of what could be, you would never work to become because your will is found in your dreams. Soon, your dreams will lead you to have other dreams. And then, the life that you create will be better than any life you have ever imagined. This is the power of the dream. It is the power that unites your life.